Vonnie is Teddy's teammate on the volleyball team, played by Cyrina Fiallo. She believes that Kelsey, a member of the volleyball team, is too over-dramatic. She absolutely hates Coach Hammerstone, who nicknamed her "Velociraptor". She doesn't like working on projects and it has been revealed that she picked Teddy as her partner only so she didn't have to work on it. Vonnie and Teddy have appeared to be close friends. In Rat-A-Teddy, Vonnie told Teddy that she thinks Ivy doesn't like her because Ivy said so right to her face. She also might like Emmett because she freaked out when he gave her 'the look' and thought about getting married to him.


Season 3

Season 4


Teddy Duncan -

(2012-present: Really Close Friend)

Teddy and Vonnie have known each other for a while and are really close friends.

Kelsey -

(2012-present: Good Friend)

Vonnie finds Kelsey ridiculous at times, but they are good friends.

Bob Duncan -


Bob always forgets Vonnie's name, but they like each other.

Ivy Wentz -

(2013-present: Frenemies)

Ivy said many times that she does not like Vonnie and that Vonnie does not like Ivy either.