Vern Hardy is a former employee of Bob's Bugs Be Gone and a friend of Bob. At work, Bob likes to tell Vern about his family and what he thinks of them. 

Character History

He is first seen in the episode Appy Days when he meets PJ at work while Bob is sick at home and PJ fills in for him. PJ learns what Bob says about his children from Vern.

In The Charlie Whisperer, Bob loses a lot of weight and starts doing things differently. He changes the uniforms from long-sleeved to sleeveless, causing Vern to get a lot of scratches and bites. Vern, along with the rest of Bob's family, advises Bob to stop acting so weird with his new body.

In All Fall Down, Bob discovers rare Brazilian termites in North America and keeps them at his house to show off at bug conventions. Bob invites Vern over to look at the termites when they discover the termites are loose. Bob and Vern look all around for them when the house begins to break apart. 

In Demolition Dabney, Vern and Bob discuss whether or not to change Bob's looks for the business back to "Big Bob" rather than "Fit Bob." Prior Rat-A-Teddy, Vern quits Bob's Bugs Be Gone and starts his own extermination business. 


Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

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