//Hi everyone it's me, I was totally thinking of quitting the Good Luck Charlie Wiki but there are a lot of reasons why I might do this so I thought I should tell you and see what you guys think....

So when I roleplay as Charlie and comment things like this: Hey it's my brother PJ!-Charlie' I always and I mean always get hate: ur NOT mia you creep!!! or something like i hate people like u, like u act like a actress/acter/famous person. ugh. THAT IS ALWAYS common for me! All I ever wanted to do on here was make friends, help increase the wiki, roleplay as Charlie Duncan. But as far as I know all I get is pure hate! I seriously feel like crying when people be so rude to me and I just don't get why? Now every time I comment I have to say NOT MIA I'M JUST A ROLEPLAYER Like oh my gosh why??? I try to follow the rules, be as nice as I could, but still people still are rude! I know I haven't had much time to get to know you all that well but I seriously don't think I could take this. I wanted a place where I could have fun and make friends but this all this wiki has done for me was make me sad. I'm sorry to the people who were nice to me, I just want to say a BIG thank you for that. & for the people who were mean to me...well I hope you learn your lesson and btw, how about on your spear time you look up the word Role-Play maybe you'll understand. I also want to say before this blog is finished that, I am not a poser, I am also not Mia Talerico or the real Charlie Duncan. I am just a roleplayer Thank you if you took your time to read this, I really appreciate it. Please comment below if you think I should leave or stay. Bye :(

Woah why did all of this come out bold?

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