This Episoide is the 3rd Episoide in Season 4 of Good Luck Charlie when Gabe has a Girlfriend that asked Him if He wanted to go Roller skateing and he Dasides to go But  Mrs. Dabney comes Too and it is so Funny she is Roller  miss dane is pooping on gabe and the family and the family is eating miss butt holes poop even the baby they are having it for dinner and miss dabne is eating more and more so they can eat more poopady poop and drink some pee and a peace of here butt hole Mrs. Dabney poops on Amy and Amy daside to eat the Rest of  Mrs. Dabneys Butt Hole so Becuse of That  Mrs. Dabney Poops on Amy a Little more and Mrs. Dabney  Poops on Bob and Thean Mrs. Dabney Brings Sisurs to the Bathroom and Goese Poop and thean Left it in the Toilit well she Took some Toilit paper and used her Sisurs to Make a Butt and then Mrs. Dabney finds some Glue and puts the Butt Together thean took her Poop out of the Toilitt and Puts it into to the But she Made and thean she Stapels it together and she Made a Butt and Told Amy to Kiss the Poop inside it 

P.s: This is Not what Relly Happend but Dont you think it is Relly Funny

This is Relly Funny Mrs. Dabaney should of did that it would be Haleress

for me i would watch the Episoide 100 times and so would you Guys Probley

it would be funny the Beginging is True thow 

Jessie321 (talk) 01:33, May 18, 2013 (UTC)Jessie321Jessie321 (talk) 01:33, May 18, 2013 (UTC)

Video Libary

Good Luck Charlie Demolition Dabney22:15

Good Luck Charlie Demolition Dabney

Demalaition Dabaney Video


Gabe Fall In Love With Jo & Cotillon Dance02:48

Gabe Fall In Love With Jo & Cotillon Dance

un ma Gabe AND jOE are in Love

Baby Toby Duncan00:57

Baby Toby Duncan


Gabe and Joe fall in Love in this Video

Toby is Born in This video


Bridget Mendler - Hang In There Baby (Good Luck Charlie Theme Song)00:50

Bridget Mendler - Hang In There Baby (Good Luck Charlie Theme Song)

Good Luck Charlie Song


Good Luck Charlie theam solng plays in This Video 

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