• I live in Wikia Comuity
  • I was born on September 10
  • My occupation is Good luck charlie fan
  • I am Girl
  • Jessie321

    Hi i was wondering if Anyone had saul this Bike

    Coler: Red

    Theam: Dino

    Steler: JR

    Owner: JakeLovesNature

    • Tralor Park
    • Church St.
    • Parks
    • Streets

    this Bike has not benn seen in 2 weeks so pleasr look Please Post a Comment if you see it anywhere

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  • Jessie321

    Main Ardicles

    May 23, 2013 by Jessie321

    hi im going to create a page called Main Ardicles i nead your help voteing

    hi heare are the Canadits for the Main Ardicle Voteing youn can vote by Posting a Comment and Postoing the Ardicel Picture thazts on my Blog     


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  • Jessie321

    im the Real Teddy

    May 18, 2013 by Jessie321

    Hi ist me Teddy do you remenber me on the Show well i wanted to tell you that im aculey Teddy i was going to go to Collage after this Video Diary for Charlie but thean i dasided to write this Blog for you guys to tell you that im Teddy My Mom wants me to go now Goobye

    Hi ist Teddy again i wondering if i was going to Post a comment on Emett Higen becuse i dont like it when hew calls me Teddy Bear i halft to head Back to collage

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  • Jessie321

    Pooper Mrs. Dabaney

    May 18, 2013 by Jessie321

    Today Mrs. Dabney was going to Poop on the ground and Mrs. Dabney was going to Make a Butt to Poop in and thean  Mrs. Dabney told Gabe to kiss it but Charlie took it away from Mrs. Dabney Becuse she Thught it would be gross for her Brother Espeshley when her mom Amy was asked to by Mrs. Dabney to kiss one of her wohle Made Butts Charlie Pooped on Mrs. Dabney so she Pooped on Charlie some Mrs. Dabney pooped some in her Backyard too and Mrs. Dabney Pooped and Pooped 

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  • Jessie321

    Dibell Dabaney

    May 18, 2013 by Jessie321

    This Episoide is the 3rd Episoide in Season 4 of Good Luck Charlie when Gabe has a Girlfriend that asked Him if He wanted to go Roller skateing and he Dasides to go But  Mrs. Dabney comes Too and it is so Funny she is Roller  miss dane is pooping on gabe and the family and the family is eating miss butt holes poop even the baby they are having it for dinner and miss dabne is eating more and more so they can eat more poopady poop and drink some pee and a peace of here butt hole Mrs. Dabney poops on Amy and Amy daside to eat the Rest of  Mrs. Dabneys Butt Hole so Becuse of That  Mrs. Dabney Poops on Amy a Little more and Mrs. Dabney  Poops on Bob and Thean Mrs. Dabney Brings Sisurs to the Bathroom and Goese Poop and thean Left it in the Toil…

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