• Plot A.      Teddy and P.J. are visiting a college in New York City where they get stuck in a blizzard and meet up with Jessie and Zuri from the hit t.v. show "Jessie".

Plot B.      Bob and amy are cooped up for the holidays and are trying to figure out what charlie wants for christmas and goes through a lot of crazy stuff to find out .

Plot C.    P.J. is reunited with his ex-girlfriend Skyler who broke up beause her dad got a job offer in new york and Skyler says she is going to Denver College which is a few miles away from the duncan house 

Plot D.    In the end, Amy and Bob sre thinking who bought Charlie the present she wanted for christmas but it turns out gabe was trying to get charlie the present to be the big brother since teddy and P.J. are in NYC.


  • Amy Duncan - Leigh-Allyn Baker
  • Bob Duncan - Eric Allan Kramer 
  • P.J. Duncan - Jason Dolley 
  • Teddy Duncan - Bridgit Mendler 
  • Gabe Duncan - Bradley Steven Perry 
  • Charlie Duncan - Mia Talerico 


Teddy Charlie P.J. and Gabe from good luck charlie

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