MIghty Med Fansite is a fansite made by @BSP_fansite this is a fansite that has the latest news about Mighty Med and the cast of Mighty Med and Good Luck Charlie. They make some amazing stuff i want to show you you can download a Mighty Med Magazine (fanmade) You can download Calendars from the cast and mighty med and they released a I'am Bradley Steven Perry youtube dvd for bradley if you want to check the site go to 

Good Luck Charlie Magazine Volume 2 Preview01:41

Good Luck Charlie Magazine Volume 2 Preview

Good Luck Charlie Magazine 

Good Luck Charlie
I'am Bradley Steven Perry DVD35:57

I'am Bradley Steven Perry DVD

magazine is a fan made magazine that comes 1 a month it is made by fans and they search for the latest news about mighty med and the cast you can download the magazine for free on the next link Mighty Med fansite

Mighty Med calendars + i'am bradley steven perry DVD

The fansite has a lot of calendars they made for 2014 it's all with pictures from Mighty med or just from one of the cast even they made a dvd release on you tube you can find that dvd on this page by one of the video's

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