Good luck charlie is a show. The show started April 4 2010.The series is about a girl named Teddy Duncan she spents days making video diaries for her sister Charlie Duncan. The video diaries are worked to be used to help Charlie with problems like: Realationships,life,problems,and many more.The series stars Bridgit Mendler she is the main character.You can tell that Teddy really cares about helping Charlie with her problems. In (bye bye video diary) Teddy was so worried that the video diaries we completely gone when Charlie put's Teddy's laptop in the dishwasher. When Teddy has the dream that Charlie (Teddy) was diffrent and got in lot of trouble after not making any more video diaries for her.So then Teddy decides to stay up all night to make them again. But then at the end Teddy discovers that the laptop was not her if , P.J. Then later on Teddy ends up making the 50th video dairy and tryed to make the big and perfect video diary.

Teddy's personalty:

Teddy is a kind intelligent , creative, responsible 17 year old girl who care's about her family and friends,Ivy,and goes to the moviesit is suggested that her favorite colors are blue and purple.Teddy get exellent grades and excels english math and science (Teddy's little helper).She also likes music (Take mel out to the ball game). It is also suggeested that she enjoy acting as she enjoy's auditions for the role of Beauty in her schools production Beauty and the witch she was the Beast and she was in the school's fourth grade production the sound of music (Sleepness in denver) it is unknown witch part she play's but Bob find's a flier to her production (Charlie in charge). Based on her appearance and personality she prbaly got the part of Liesel or Maria. Sometimes her best friend Ivy call's her T.

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