Interior. Duncan house. There is a dog barking in the background while Teddy tries to do a video diary addition.
Teddy: Hey, Charlie. It's your big sister Teddy with the latest installment of my video diaries.
Amy: Teddy, turn that thing off, it's breakfast time.
Teddy: In a minute! That noise you hear is our neighbor's annoying new dog. Ever since she got that little rat none of us have gotten any sleep!
Amy: Teddy, I asked you to do something.
Teddy: And I asked for a minute!
Amy: Your breakfast is getting cold!
Teddy: Well then, just put it back in the toaster! Sorry you had to see that. (Turns camera off)
PJ: (Fishes through a cereal box) There's no prize in here. There's supposed to be a prize.
Teddy: You took it out yesterday.
PJ: I know, but I put it back in so I'd have something to look forward to!
Amy: Bob, where are you?!
Bob: Can I have a minute?!
Amy: WELL, HURRY UP! YOU'RE MISSING QUALITY FAMILY TIME! (At Gabe) Gabe, stop hitting the toaster.
Gabe: But it's taking forever. I don't even remember what I put in here.
Charlie: (Drops her empty bottle and coos)
Amy: Okay, Charlie. I'll get your juice in just a minute, honey.
Charlie: (Throws her bottle and screams)
Teddy: Whoa. Even Charlie's in a mood.
Bob: (Enters) Morning.
Amy: Bob, did you forget to do something?
Bob: I'll kiss you tonight.
Amy: No, you only shaved half your face.
Bob: Pick, pick, pick! Maybe this is how I like to wear it now.
Amy: Well, it looks ridiculous. What if I decided just to brush half my hair?
Bob: Thought you already made that decision.
Amy: Oh, you are going down!
Bob: Oh, oh, no!
Teddy: Wait, wait, wait, stop! Do you guys hear that?
PJ: I don't hear anything.
Teddy: Exactly. The barking stopped.
(Amy, Bob and PJ are relieved. The toast pops up, and barking is heard again)
All but Gabe: Aww! Oh, really?!

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