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Two Timing Pig
Two Timing Pig
Song by Teddy (Bridgit Mendler)
Skyler (Samantha Boscarino)
Genre(s): Ballad, rap
Length: 0:57
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Current: Two Timing Pig
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Good Luck Charlie - Two Timing Pig Song!!!00:34

Good Luck Charlie - Two Timing Pig Song!!!

Two Timing Pig is a song Teddy wrote to make Spencer miserable. The music was played by Skylar ("Teddy's Broken Heart Club Band").


Teddy: I thought he was the ideal catch,
He said we were a perfect match,
I thought we had a love so sweet
'Til I found out he was...
Both: A big ol' cheat!

Teddy: Hey, everybody! Can you dig?
Spencer Walsh is a two timin' pig!
Skyler: A football player with big dreamy eyes
But everything he said turned out to be
Both: lies!

Teddy: Now excuse me if this sounds like a diss
But that fool don't even know how to kiss!

Skylar: He was datin' her while he was datin' me
Now that big loser is
Both: history!

Both: Hey, everybody! Can you dig?
Spencer Walsh is a two timin' pig!

Background Information

  • The rap's beat is very close to that of the Donkey Kong 64 theme.

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