The Tears of Tomorrow is a fictional TV show. It is said that it has gone on for 50 years, but was cancelled because of the lack of response (views) within our generation.

The Tears

  • Amanda Tears -  A formal and fancy lady
  • Chauncey - Chance Tears' clone; most likely an archeologist; Amanda Tears' boyfriend, also created by Amanda
  • Tiffany Tears - A teenager who "wears a disgusting tiny bikini"
  • Brick Tears - A 12 year old genius with a taste for evil 
  • Amanda Clone -  Chance's wife; most likely a socialite (Chance had not known his wife was a clone until the preceding episode PJ and Gabe watched with Mrs. Dabney)
  • Brick Clone - Most likely a tennis-addicted boy; Brick Tears' clone


  • The Tears of Tomorrow could be a parody of Days of Our Lives

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