The Ross Family are the family Jessie Prescott and Bertram Winkle work for. The parents are Morgan and Christina Ross, though they are hardly ever at home because they are movie directors and fashion designers. They have 4 kids named Emma (Aged 16-17), Luke (aged 15-16),Zuri (aged 11-12) and Ravi (aged 14-15). They have a pet water monitor lizard called Mrs. Kipling. Jessie is 22 and Bertram is

Family Members

Morgan Ross portrayed by Chip Esten
Christina Ross portrayed by Christina Moore
Emma Ross portrayed by Peyton List
Luke Ross portrayed by Cameron Boyce
Ravi Ross portrayed by Karan Brar
Zuri Ross portrayed by Skai Jackson
Mrs. Kipling portrayed by Frank
Jessie Prescott portrayed by Debby Ryan (Nanny)
Bertram Winkle portrayed by Kevin Chamberlin (Butler)

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