The Gurgles
Format: Children's series
Starring: Stan as Circle
unknown as Triangle

The Gurgles is a television show for toddlers. It is enjoyed by Charlie. PJ, and Skyler. In fact in a few episodes PJ says its his favorite show. He even has the theme song as his ringtone (Baby Steps)

In Charlie is 2!, PJ, Teddy, and Gabe Duncan, try to bring their younger sister, Charlie, to see the Gurgles in concert, but they do not succeed.

In Let's Potty, Charlie Duncan, is seen watching and enjoying the Gurgles. Amy Duncan claims that she will only sit on the potty if the Gurgles are on TV. In order to be trained before the pre-school interview tomorrow, Amy and Bob Duncan try to put on a Gurgles puppet show, but Charlie finds out that it is not actual TV. The parents did this because there was a power outage.

Even though they are teenagers, PJ Duncan and Skyler enjoy the Gurgles. PJ has subscribed on their web site, and he helps the circle give his fellow Gurgles the song about scabs that PJ wrote.                                                            

Background Information

  • The Gurgles is probably a spoof of The Wiggleswhich is strange considering that the latter is a Disney show itself, thus Disney could have used it.


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