I don't know where Charlie is!

— Gabe Duncan

Episode Summary

The end of Amy’s maternity leave brings chaos as the Duncan family juggles babysitting Toby and Charlie. Teddy finds her babysitting duties conflict with her preparation for a big school debate and things go awry again where Gabe and PJ are assigned to watch Charlie. But Charlie runs away. In the end, Victoria finds out about Victor's singing skills and they reconcile.

End Credits

Amy and Victor are singing what they are saying to each other. Bob starts singing as well but not very good. Mrs. Dabney enters singing, but after Amy tells her that they're aren't doing it anymore, she stops and exits, huffing "I don't even know why I try with you people."


The image gallery for Teddy and the Bambino.

Charlie's Lines

Charlie: Can you take Toby with you

Charlie: Is that a yes?

Charlie: Play again!

Charlie: Wanna play?

Charlie: Me too.

Charlie: No, it's not.

Charlie: She said a bad word.

Charlie: Mommy, I see you.

Charlie: I want you to come home, Mommy.

Charlie: Can I have a hug?

Charlie: Mommy!

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Background Information

  • Amy quits her job again to be with Charlie and Toby.
  • Second time Toby is shown crying.
  • Running Gag: Male Duncans not getting the character Sheriff Kitty, in the Puppy town Franchise.

Production Information


  • Despite moving out two episodes ago, PJ still seems to be living with his family in this episode. Bob claims he only dropped Charlie and Toby, yet in the first episode, Amy says that he promised not to drop Charlie and therefore he should have said at least 3 babies


  • Teddy is still on the debate team.
  • Victor re-appears.
  • Back in Season 2, Amy had quit her job. She sprayed Karen with a saline bag. When Karen was back, she sprayed Karen with saline again.
  • Peter Piper's third appearance.
  • PJ loses Charlie again (Baby Come Back).
  • Amy mentions PJ losing Charlie (Baby Come Back).
  • Gabe calls Bob "butterfingers" as a reminder that he accidentally dropped both Charlie and Toby. (Study Date, Baby Steps)


  • In Italian, bambino means babe and because Teddy and Victor were doing Italy and had a baby with them, the title would be saying Teddy and the Babe.
  • The title could be a reference to an old superstition Curse of the Bambino.


Guest Stars


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