Teddy's New Beau is the 10th episode of Season 4, and the 87th episode of Good Luck Charlie overall. 


Beau asks Teddy to accompany him on a date to local country western hangout with another girl so that it's not really considered a date, but the night takes an unexpected turn when Beau's friend is a no show. Meanwhile, after Bob and Amy's good friends cancel on their double date, they decide to still have dinner on their own and are shocked when they see their friends having dinner at the same restaurant. Back at home, PJ is in charge of , Gabe, Charlie, and Toby and is set responsible this time, but it goes wrong when PJ accidently sits on Charlie's juice box.

Main Cast


  • Amy tells PJ and Gabe "Lucky for you guys I hated the yellow couch", but in the episode when they get the yellow couch, she went to great lengths to get the yellow couch. However, it is possible she had grown to dislike the yellow couch and missed the old one.
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