Teddy's Choice is the 11th episode of the fourth season and the 88th episode of Good Luck Charlie overall. 


The Duncans are celebrating Teddy's 18th Birthday. Spencer shows up and Teddy invited Beau, so the two meet. Teddy tells Spencer that she is dating Beau, and Spencer tells Teddy that he has feelings for her and he wants them to get back together. Spencer wants Teddy to choose between him and Beau. Teddy tells Beau, who says he wants Teddy to be happy. At the end, Teddy chooses Beau. She said that she's not saying that Spencer and her will never work out, but then is not the time. Spencer leaves after saying he cant be friends with Teddy because it's too hard and he's still in love with her.



  • This is the first time that Spencer appeared in person at the Duncan's house since the two-part season three finale episode All Fall Down.
  • The title refers to Teddy having to choose who she wants to be with, Beau or Spencer. In the end, she chooses Beau.
  • Spencer tells Teddy he is still in love with her.
  • The I Didn't Do It episode, The Rescuers, was like this episode, because Jasmine had to chose who she wanted to be with - either her boyfriend, Owen, or her ex-boyfriend, Logan. In the end, Jasmine chose Logan over Owen, admitting she still loved Logan and Jasmine and Logan got back together, like how Teddy had to choose between her boyfriend, Beau or her ex-boyfriend, Spencer,and in the end, Teddy choose Beau over Spencer even though Spencer still loved her and wanted to get back together with her.


Teddy's New Beau
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