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“Sleepless in Denver”
Season 1, Episode 19
Air Date

October 24, 2010


Jim Gerkin


Adam Weissman

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Charlie in Charge


Girl Bites Dog

Gabe's friends come over for a sleepover. Meanwhile, Teddy prepares for an important roller-coaster ride in the school fair, PJ tries to start getting fatter becaue he wants to get fat after nightmares about losing weight and facing the advantages of childhood obsity, and Charlie refuses to sleep in her first "big girl" bed.

Episode Summary!

Gabe gets excited about having his first sleplover with his friends Jar-emy, who eats too much, X-alamander, who's viperactive and Liaim, who is paranormal about everything. Ted tries out  an important rollercoaster in the school fair. Charlie gets her first big bed and can sleep in it. Teddy ends up with diarrea all over her face during the poo-pit part of the roller-coaster. PJ in the meantime tries to eat obese-ly and gets fat in the end. In the end the family eventually dismantle Charlie's big girl bed, much to her dis-liking. In her video diary Teddy says that she got poo on her face, Charlie is going back to her rib-cage (since Bab has to buy a new one) and PJ says about his advice to eat until you become obese . Gabe gets invited to 3,000,000 sleepovers while Bob get's invited to 200 of them just to impersonate Franklenstein.Teddy gets a new boyfriend named Hotdog.

End Credits

Gab and his friends are doing another sleepover, suddenly they here zombie sounds, they see that it isn't Bob, they turn around and see that it's a real zombeh-ru, Gabe, Bob, and the children panic and run away, soon the zombie sits down on the couch and changes the channel to the monkey show, the zombie says, "Oh, those crazy monkeys".


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Running Gags

Good Luck, Charlie

Charlie's Lines

Teddy: Charlie, do you like your new bed?

Charlie: No, no.

Amy: Come on, Charlie. Let's look at your new bed. You'll love it.

Charlie: No.

Memorable Quotes

(boys have a pillow fight)

Teddy: Hey, Hey! What are you doing!

Gabe: The sleepovers been moved to the basement.

Teddy: Well if your down here, then I can't sleep!

Gabe: Oh, right... good point. GET HER!!!!

(boys chase Teddy; Teddy runs upstairs)

Teddy: Mom, did you tell the boys they could sleep in the basement?

Amy: Honey, they have no where else to go!

Teddy: Well, you guys are down here and I'm not going in PJ's room, so where am I supposed to sleep?

(Bob and/or Amy send Teddy to Charlie's new bed)

Teddy: Stupid parents!

Amy: (over baby monitor) Heard that!

Teddy: Stupid baby monitor.
(boys watch "Zombie Blood Party")

Gabe: Don't go in there. Don't go in there! Don't... (boys scream)

Jeremy: I wanna go home!

Zander: Me too!

Gabe: Come on guys, you're not afraid of a bunch of zombies, are you?

(boys nod)

Gabe: Fine: I'll go upstairs and tell my parents (goes upstairs)

Bob: Hey, how's the sleepover?

Gabe: Terrible! Everyone wants to go home!

Amy: Why?!

Gabe: 'Cause that movie you rented us was completely inappropriate!!!

Background Information

  • First episode where Charlie has extended dialogue.

Production Information

International Premieres

  • March 12, 2011 (Disney Channel Poland)




Guest Stars


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