Sandy Super is the daughter of the creator of Super Adventure Land. She seems to have a crush on Spencer, who is Teddy's current boyfriend. She has been on one episode. Although, she has only been seen flirting with Spencer once, it is known that this is not the first time she's flirted with him. Teddy is jealous of her in this episode, and most likely jealous all the time. This happens right after Teddy and Spencer become Spendy.It is untold if Sandy is mean to Spencer. We only know that she is mean to Teddy. She is over-prideful of getting Spencer to love her. Obviously she's said and done some cruel things, but some are fair. For example when she said " Your not in this play! " That is a true statement. Teddy was over-jealous so she butted into the play and made Sandy 'date' Greasy Joe. By doing this Teddy seems like the bad one. Also, Spencer seems to want to do this play with Sandy in this episode. He says " So you do know her. Its just one time. I was going to tell them I wouldn't do it but.. it's supposed to be really hot tomorrow.....

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