Raquel "Rocky" Blue is a dancer on Shake It Up! Chicago. She is best friends with CeCe Jones. Together, they taught the Duncans how to dance.


CeCe Jones

Charlie shakes it up

A pic of Charlie shakes it up

Rocky and CeCe are best friends. They do everything together.

Teddy Duncan

Rocky believes that Teddy cannot dance, but after training, Teddy learned how to dance. They appear to be friends.

Charlie Duncan

Rocky believes Charlie to be a very cute baby, and she and CeCe wished Charlie, "Good Luck, Charlie!" while the Duncans had to run away from the real Duncan Sisters.

Amy Duncan

Rocky thinks Amy is a terrible dancer until she kindly helped her and Teddy to become better dancers, thought CeCe wasn't supportive of the idea. They are shown to be friends.


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