Raymond is Ivy Wentz's crush in "Let's Potty. He later becomes Ivy's boyfriend. He is in government class with Ivy and Teddy.


Ivy Wentz

Ivy is Raymond's admirer. She has a crush on him. At the Duncan house, they hug and become a couple. Ivy calls Raymond Ray-Ray, and Raymond calls her I-I. Raymond seems to like Ivy back. They were revealed to have broken up in Doppel Date when Ivy mentions that she doesn't stay good friends with her exes. Teddy said that she was talking about Emmett but Ivy said she was talking about Raymond.

Teddy Duncan

Teddy plays matchmaker to hook Ivy and Raymond up together. ("Let's Potty").

Spencer Walsh

Raymond and Spencer are good friends. ("The Singin' Dancin' Duncans").


Season 2

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