Peter Piper is the teacher of a government class in South High.


Mr. Piper is not very excited for his class. He considers mock court the most exciting part of class. He says that students are right that government is a boring class (The Singin' Dancin' Duncans).

Physical Appearance

Mr. Piper wears glasses and suits. He has brown hair that he is losing and brown eyes.


Teddy Duncan

He gave Teddy an unfair grade because she didn't completely fill in the oval on her test (Teddy's Bear).

Amy Duncan

Mr. Piper is afraid of Amy Duncan since she pushed everything off of his desk, chased him around the school, and threw appetizers at him.

Bob Duncan

Mr. Piper joked about Bob being an exterminator and coming home to the biggest pest. Bob threatens Mr. Piper and asks him to say sorry. Mr. Piper says he's sorry because he's married to a lunatic. Bob chases him, Mr. Piper saying he's crazier than his wife. Bob yells that no one's crazier than his wife (Teddy's Bear).

PJ Duncan

Mr. Piper gave PJ an F on a test when, according to Amy, he really deserved a D-. (Teddy's Bear).

Background Information

  • His name makes a reference to two things.
  1. Peter Piper Pizza.
  2. And the popular childrens tounge twisters (Peter Piper picked a pack of pickle pepers....)