Skyler moves to New York City because her dad got transferred, leaving PJ broken-hearted, so he follows her there so they can be together. Meanwhile, Teddy gets a tan. After she sprays on the bronzer, Charlie messes with the timer and Teddy becomes orange.

Episode Summary

Skyler moves to New York City and doesn't tell PJ to spare his feelings. He then follows her there, but Bob goes after him. Meanwhile, Teddy is determined to take the perfect school picture, so to earn money for her outfit, she gets a job at a beach store where Spencer works. Meanwhile, Amy intrudes in Gabe's love life, causing chaos as usual.



Running Gags

Good Luck, Charlie

Teddy: Well, Charlie, I got my school picutre in today!

holds picture of herself orange with a broken nose

Wow! Yeah, if the trend continues next year I'll be toothless and bald. Wish me good luck, Charlie.

Charlie's Lines

PJ: You know what the problem is? It's the competition.

Many pedestrians give out money to Charlie playing the saxophone.

Charlie: Thank you!

Memorable Quotes

Bob: There's an old saying in love, and that is--sweet mamma that's a giant rat!
PJ: Yeah, I think I heard that before.

Background Information

  • Viewership: 3.5 million
  • This is Skyler's last appearance till season 4.


  • When Teddy gets a football thrown at her, it was meant to hit her nose, but you can definately see that it hit the top of her head.
  • Teddy says that she has school pictures coming up, but the next episode is Sun Show (a summer vacation), so school isn't on in the summer.




Guest Stars



"Monkey Business"
Episodes Next:
"Sun Show, Part One"

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