PJ and the Vibe
Pj and the vibe
Employee(s): PJ Duncan(owner)
Emmett Heglin
Jimmy Bartin (former member)
Bob Duncan (one time gig/former member)
Distributional Information
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
"Study Date

second= "Goodbye Charlie PJ and the Vibe is a band that PJ Duncan started with his friend Emmett Heglin. Emmett plays drums and PJ plays the guitar, and they both share the job of singing on occasion. It is said they started the band to get girls when PJ's girlfriend,  Madison, gets in the way of the band. They competed in a contest with Skyler and PJ's sister Teddy and won the competition. At one point Jimmy was added to the band as a bass player he eventually quit after The band (with Bob) destroyed his family's deck by accident at a gig. The band was never mentioned or seen in season three, and the equipment in the basemnt is no longer there. The band persumably ended once PJ and Emmet got into college.

PJ Vibe

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