Season 1

In "New York, New Nanny", he met the children's Jessie O'Keefe|new nanny. He also made Emma very upset when he told her he couldn't make it to her science fair. Jessie O'Keefe|Jessie even flew to his set to tell him that, and why he had to hire so many nannies. She is fired by him and Christina. He rehired her in the end of the episode when he realized she was right. He might favor Zuri. In "Zombie Tea Party 5" he is mentioned along with his wife. It was revealed that Bertram broke their wedding china.

In "Christmas Story", he and his wife get caught in a snowstorm, but they make it home in time for Christmas.

In "Star Wars" he tries to get Jordan Taylor for his new movie by inviting him over.

In "Gotcha Day", he celebrates Zuri's Gotcha Day with the rest of the The Ross Family. After Jessie reveals to Ravi that they thought he was going to be a baby, he comforted him.


  • He may be where Emma gets her airheadedness from, as their personalities are similar. Emma is not that much of an airhead, though.
  • He turned down Jessie for a role on one of his movies (Cattle Calls & Scary Walls).
  • He is shown that he acts like a kid instead of an adult.
  • He is a little bit fun.
  • He, his wife, and their children are all a parody of the Jolie-Pitt family. He is the parody of Brad Pitt.
  • He appears in three less episodes than Christina. He only appears in four while she appears in seven.
  • He cares about his children and protective of them.
  • He cares about Jessie and thinks of her as a surrogate daughter.