Mitch is the manager of the Kwikki Chikki in Southwest Denver. Mitch is also PJ's boss. He is unfair and treated Teddy very well for her short time there, unlike how he treats PJ.


Mitch is a non-caring person. He doesn't care about his workers. He just has wants and needs. He also doesn't care to tell people about what is in the Kwikki Chikki food. The food is not always chicken even if the menu says so. He's also unfair. He used to pay the minimum wage workers below the minimum wage. Because of this, they demanded for more money in a strike. Recently, he just hired new workers. "Corporal S. Kwikki" forced him to rehire the employees so PJ, Justin, and Jordan could get their jobs back. He usually call PJ "J.P.", similar to how Chef calls him "Potty," rather than "Patty" (referring to his first name). 


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