Make Room for Baby is the first episode of season 3 of Good Luck Charlie. [1] It aired on May 6th, 2012 with also Bad Luck Teddy after.

Episode Summary

With the fifth and final Duncan child on its way, Amy demands that they need a larger house in order to have more room and not be so crowded. The entire family does not like the idea, especially Bob. Meanwhile, Teddy and Spencer audition to have the opportunity to work in an indoor show at Super Adventureland, so they audition for the George and Martha Washington show. Unfortunately, only Spencer got the job, and it was said to be really hot the next week, and Martha Washington is Sandy Super, the cute, smart niece of S.A.L.'s founder who has a crush on Spencer and always thinking Teddy doesn't exist. Since Gabe is finally leaving, he and Mrs. Dabney pull pranks on each other to see who gets the last laugh. In the end when the family is almost done packing, Amy goes back inside because she thought she had forgot something. When she goes inside, she remembers all of the memories that her and the family had at the house. Then she tells Bob that she wants the family to stay at the house. 

End Credits

Three men that look like Bob, PJ, and Gabe discover an area where they can build an amusement park, they decide what to name it, after a few names a woman that looks like Teddy comes in and tells them that their brother "Of" is dead, now they only have three words to use, Super, Adventure, and Land.


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Running Gags

Good Luck, Charlie.

Teddy: Well, Charlie, when somebody packs up the toys and go the new house.
Teddy: We'll you know have days What do you just say Good Luck Charlie?.

Charlie's Lines

Charlie: 4!
Charlie: No! I'm Staying!

Memorable Quotes

PJ: I thought you guys were gonna stop after one kid.

Teddy: I was hoping 2.
Gabe: 3!

Charlie: 4!
Amy: Okay, Charlie, the basement is a mess, after breakfast I want you to go downstairs and pick up your toys.

Charlie: No!
Amy: What did you say to me?

Charlie: Yes!
Amy: Charlie, you like the new house?
Charlie: No, Mommy!
PJ: You still get the newspaper? Nowadays most people get their news on the internet.
Mrs. Dabney: The inter-what now?
Amy: What is it?

Bob: It's the baby's new room!
Amy: The baby will be sleeping under the stairs... like Harry Potter.
Bob: Now, Harry Potter. He had some good adventures. (To PJ) Say something good about Harry Potter.

PJ: Quidditch!
Teddy: It's sarcasm, Spencer. Here's another example; You smell delightful!

Spencer: You're a little rank yourself, Cinder-Smella.
Teddy: I'm so glad we got back together.

Spencer: Me, too!
Narrator: Many years ago, the founders of Super Adventure Land gathered for a very important meeting.

Bob: Gentlemen, we built this beautiful theme park now all we need is a name.
PJ: I know! We'll call it Land of Adventure Super.
Gabe: Of course you put your name first, Richard Land.
Bob: Well then, what do you suggest, Frank Adventure?
Gabe: Well, something that rolls right off the tongue. Adventure of Super Land.
Bob: That's not bad. Not bad. Let me make one slight adjustment. We'll call it Super Land of Adventure.
Teddy: Gentlemen, terrible news. We just got this telegram. Arthur Of is dead.
PJ: Of's been offed?
Teddy: I'm afraid so.

Bob: With Art Of gone, it's down to just the three of us. Super, Adventure, Land. Betty, put on a pot of coffee. We're gonna be here a while.

Background Information

  • This episode aired on (Verizon Fios) On Demand for free watching of the whole episode.
  • The cat poop on the Duncans' lawn is most likely from Kaboodle.
  • This episode got 4.0 million viewers on its premiere night.

Production Information

  • This is the second produced episode of Season 3 and aired the same night as "Bad Luck, Teddy!" (produced first) however this episode aired first and is considered the first episode of the Season.
  • The opening credits have been updated to include videos from Season 3 however the final scene of the family wearing the hair pieces remains unchanged. That part of the opening credits does not change until "Welcome Home".


  • When Amy takes a trip down memory lane, one of the clips shown is from the episode "Charlie Is 1".
  • Charlie refuses to leave something from her past, in the episode Sleepless in Denver she refuses to leave her crib. In this episode she refuses to leave the house.
  • This is the second episode showing Teddy and Spencer as a couple again

Episode Pranks

  • Mrs Dabney tricks Gabe by sticking hair removal goo in a cap that he ends up wearing. Gabe retaliates by coating her entire balcony with glue causing her to get stuck, then PJ who tries to help her.



  • When Amy thinks of all of the memories she had at their house she says that "Gabe is such an easy baby, I hope he's always will be this." but it was said in the episode PJ in the City that baby Gabe was a terror. Although Gabe was only about 1 month old in the flashback so his terror might not have developed yet.
  • Teddy and Spencer danced flawlessly for their audition, but in the episode Duncan's Got Talent, it was shown that Teddy can't dance. However it is possible that she learned to dance since then, but it's not likely, as in Name That Baby, Bob mentions that Teddy still can't dance.
  • When Teddy and Spencer are outside on the porch, one moment Teddy's hand is on Spencer's shoulder but when the camera cuts back to them, her hand is in her lap.


Guest Stars


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