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Lauren Dabney
Lauren Dabney





Lauren Marie Dabney is Mrs. Dabney's grandaughter. Gabe has a really big crush on her in Demolition Dabney and they became friends and went on their first date but, it didn't go well. Then in Rat-A-Teddy it is comfirmed that Mrs. Dabney approved. In the episode Charlie 4, Toby 1 she goes over and meets, Gabe's parents, Bob and Amy. Lauren is portrayed by Jaylen Barron. They broke up in Futuredrama, but got back together. Her parents are Rodney Dabney and Vicky Dabney.


Series Involvment

Lauren Dabney is first introduced in the Season 4 episode Demolition Dabney. In the episode, Mrs. Dabney introduces Gabe to her grand-daughter, Lauren. Gabe and Lauren start to develop a liking for each other and go on their first date. It is confirmed that they are dating in Rat-A-Teddy. In Charlie 4, Toby 1, Gabe and Lauren get tricked by Amy and Mrs. Dabney into doing chores, but they eventually find out. In Futuredrama, Teddy gives Gabe bad relationship advice and he breaks up with Lauren. They soon get back together after they realize what happened. 


Estelle Dabney

(1999-Present: Grandmother)

Lauren is Mrs.Dabney's grandaughter and they have a great relationship.

Gabe Duncan

(2013-present: Boyfriend)

Gabe and Lauren have been dating for a while and they have a really steady relationship.

Teddy Duncan

(2013-present: Friend)

Teddy gets Lauren to take Gabe back.

Amy Duncan

(2013-present: Friend)

Amy seems to like Lauren when she uses her to get Gabe to do his chores.

Gabe Duncan Jr.

(Unknown-Unknown: Possible Son)

Gabe Duncan Jr. is Lauren's possible son in the future.

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