Kelsey is a Girl on Teddy's Volleyball team. She is very overdramatic, and she is shown to be one of Teddy's
friends. Some of her other friends are Teddy and Vonnie. She doesn't like Mr. Hammerstone, and she is very hyper, too. She is portrayed by CoCo Jones. It is shown in the episode "Go Teddy!" That Gabe Duncan  have a slight crush on Kelsey. In that same episode, it is shown that Kelsey is really light in the head and that she is a cheerleder.


  • She gets Ohio and Oahu mistaken alot.
  • She Likes everybody expect the volleyball coach.
  • Gabe possibly has a crush on her.
  • She is a cheerleader


Season 3

Season 4


Teddy Duncan -

(2012-Present: Good/Close Friend)

Teddy and Kelsey have been really close friends for a while and remain close.

Vonnie -

(2012-present: Good Friend)

Vonnie and Kelsey were both on the vollyball teem and met because of Teddy but Vonnie and Kelsey Remain close.

Amy Duncan -

(2012-present: Friend)

Amy called Kelsey "Her Favorite" and she said to kelsey "I like this girl." so Amy likes Kelsey and Kelsey thinks that Amy is cool for a mom.

Ivy Wentz -

(2013-present: friend)

Ivy has said that she has liked Kelsey many times and Kelsey likes Ivy.

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