Kayla is a girl PJ met at the mall when PJ took Charlie with him to attract girls in "Something's Fishy", her first and only appearance. When she first came over to the Duncan's house, she ran to Charlie and ignored PJ when she was let in. PJ wanted to hang out upstairs, but Kayla wished to play "Ring Around the Rosie" with Charlie. When PJ excused that it was Charlie's naptime, Kayla simply left.

In her second appearance, she was holding a picnic basket. When PJ asked if she was planning a picnic, she said yes, saying she had packed animal crackers, juice boxes, and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches cut in the shape of stars. PJ said those were all his favorites, but Kayla says it was for Charlie. When Kayla starts to look for Charlie, but PJ said Amy took Charlie to the park, but Kayla good-naturedly says she and PJ can just go to the park. Kayla is about to leave when PJ stops her, asking if she would rather spend time with Charlie than him. Kayla asks how a hot guy could be jealous of a two year old. PJ feels better, saying the hot guy part helped.

PJ is leaving his fifth message asking Kayla where she is. Amy says that she is in the kitchen. PJ goes in the kitchen, seeing her holding a doll for Charlie. Kayla tells PJ that it's not what it looks like, but PJ takes a drawing and says she is having a play date behind his back. PJ says it's best that Kayla leaves. Kayla asks Charlie to say something, but just tells her bye. Kayla hasn't appeared since after she left.