Kai is a surfing instructor and Teddy's love interest that appears in Sun Show, Part One and Sun Show, Part Two.

Portryed by Booboo Stewart


Teddy Duncan

In this episode guest starring Booboo Stewart, it's Bob and Amy’s 20th wedding anniversary and for everyone's present from Bob, he surprises the entire family with a trip to Hawaii! Unbeknownst to them, the trip is complimentary if Bob attends a day-long seminar as part of a time share presentation. Upon arrival, Teddy wants to get surfing lessons from the cute instructor Kai (Booboo Stewart), and PJ and Gabe go on a helicopter ride with a scarily unpredictable pilot. Meanwhile, Amy ignores the advice of a local and is cursed when she steps on forbidden sacred areas...

Charlie stays busy learning a new dance that is part of the Kahunas Kiddie Club. Meanwhile, though she didn’t believe it at first, Amy starts to slowly believe that a curse has been bestowed upon her so she sets out to undo it, and Bob discovers that his wife needs to be with him at the timeshare presentation or he will be charged for the entire trip so he convinces Teddy to pretend she is Amy. After a terrifying helicopter ride with a psychotic pilot, Gabe helps PJ overcome his fears. After a series of unlucky accidents, Teddy finally tries to go on a date with Kai but when he finally says yes, Teddy can't make it.

Physical Appearance

Kai has brown hair and tanned skin, and can be seen wearing a Hawaiian shirt. He is extremely tall for his age, and he is very athletic. When wearing shirts he is very broad and he wears it open to give people a peek at his giant pecs and defined man cleavage, shirtless he has large biceps and his chest is incredibly thick and large, but also is shown to be firm. He is shown to be very strong and he has an immense chest. He is still growing however, although he is already at a great size.


Season 2



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