Jacob  " Jake " Marcan is a friend of Gabe's. He was first introduced as a kid on Gabe's basketball team. He then bought Gabe's old bike for ten dollars, and then returned it because he didn't like it. He is dimwitted. He then appears when he and Gabe go to a PG-13 movie by themselves. Teddy then does a report on this and he and Gabe help her. He also gets stuff whenever he fails making sports (I.E. not making the football team). Jake is shown to be a bad kid, due to the fact that he forced Gabe to buy a video game instead of Charlie's birthday present, and wanted Gabe to steal a doll when the store would not let Gabe return the used game in Special Delivery. He gets his friend Gabe into trouble by having a hard time keeping secrets about what they do.


  • Bob claimed that Jake went to jail, but he appeared again in Termite Queen and Special Delivery; so he could of been kidding to get Gabe to tell the truth.


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  • Gabe reveals he lacks in brains and he likes him because he has a pool.
  • He also tends to lack secretiveness.
  • Heather Grouper thinks he's hot and says he smells like bananas.
  • His voice sounds deeper in "Special Delivery".