I'm Desperate
Teddy & Skyler are Desperate
Song by Teddy and Skyler
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Teddy and Skyler write I'm Desperate for Battle of the Bands as the Broken Heart Club Band, but when Teddy's brother PJ and Skyler fall in love, and the song is offically sung as a collaboration by Broken Heart Club Band and PJ and the Vibe. The song ends up winning the Battle of the Bands Contest.

The lyrics to "I'm Desperate" by itself are:

I've been holding on til' I see your face

Been there and gone and I own my mistakes

Time stands still So I hold my place

I've been looking for someone who can see

who I really am, what's inside of me.

You're not the smartest guy that I ever met

But you're really cute and I'm desperate

I'm Desperate (x3)

for you

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