Happy Birthday
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Song by Gabe and PJ
Charlie (voice)
Genre(s): Rap
Current: Happy Birthday
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Happy Birthday is the birthday present Gabe and PJ made for Teddy. Voice samples of Charlie are included ("Driving Mrs. Dabney").


Charlie: Ready. Set. Go

PJ: We went to buy boots for a special sister

Gabe: But they got stuck and now I got a blister

Charlie: Owie. Owie, owie, owie, owie!  

PJ: We were out of money, we're out of time

Gabe: So we sat down with Charlie and busted down a rhyme

Charlie: Boogie-woogie shake. Boogie-woogie shake  

PJ: You're 16 now, you gonna move out soon.

Gabe: in a few more years, I'm gonna get your room.

Teddy,Bob,Amy: Oh!

Charlie: Teddy Teddy Teddy  

PJ: That's all we got, but hope you know.

Gabe: That we're with you, Teddy. No matter where you go.

Charlie: Teddy. Teddy.Teddy.  

PJ&Gabe: Happy Birthday!  

(Teddy hugs Charlie)