Hank Blankenhooper is The father of Amy Duncan. This makes him the grandfather of PJ, Teddy, Gabe, Charlie and Toby and the father-in-law of Bob Duncan. Hank also enjoys video games like his grandson Gabe. He lives at Palm Springs with his wife Petunia. He can speak Korean.


He became addicted with the game Galaxy of Death 2, and all he does basically for a whole week. He also always has mints and a lot of times gives them to people saying, "Have a mint." He is mentioned by Gabe as crazy while he is hiding from his grandfather. Bob replies, "One more thing him and Grandma have in common," because she locked him in a room. Later, PJ agrees with them when she makes him go in the room after he becomes slippery with sunburn ointment.


Duncan Kids

It is revealed in "Its a Charlie Duncan Thanksgiving" that the Duncan kids like Hank a lot more than their other grandfather Frank.

Gabe Duncan

Gabe and Hank have a unique bond, but Gabe finds him annoying when he comes addicted to Galaxy Of Death 2. Gabe loves Hank's mints.


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