Who said that?

— Charlie Duncan

Episode Summary

Bob gives advice to Spencer on how to handle an argument with Teddy, but then  his talk backfires when Amy hears their whole conversation. Meanwhile, Amy relies on a baby monitor to improve Charlie's relationship with Toby.

End Credits

Teddy was acting like a doll and insulting PJ after his surpise, after PJ hates it and run away, Amy tells her to go back to the store, but Teddy mocked her and said; You're pretty , are you an actress? then Amy said;Will give it another shot'


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Running Gags

Good Luck, Charlie


Charlie's Lines

Charlie: Gabe!

Charlie: Toby!

Charlie: How do you know? *After Amy tells her that Toby loves her very much* Charlie: He can't talk. *After Amy said that Toby "told" her that he loves Charlie*

  • Amy looks up at the ceiling saying "Or can he?"and then Charlie looks up* What are we looking at?

Who said that?

You can talk?

Yes! *After Amy, pretending to be Toby by talking through the baby monitor in a baby voice, saying that "I" love you very much.

  • Amy walks into the room saying "Hi Charlie." Charlie: Toby talked!
Amy:Who put Toby's stuffed animals on the porch?

Charlie:Gabe!(Runs into kitchen)
Gabe: Aw. She pined her first crime on me!
Amy: What am I gonna do about this?
Gabe:About what?
Amy:Charlie. She still doesn't like Toby. This has been going on for months. I thought she'd be over it by now.
Gabe:Mom,somethings take time. I mean, I still don't like Charlie,Teddy doesn't like me, PJ doesn't like Teddy. That's what makes us a family.
Amy:Gabe,I wanted this time to be different. After all, Toby's gonna be my last baby.

Gabe:Mmmm(!)( Disbelieves comment on last baby)
Amy: Charlie, I bought you a present!(Opens)

Amy: Aww its a baby isn't it CUTE! Here you go.First what we need to do is Name Him! Well .. Whats a good name for a sweet little baby boy?
Amy : Well .. Theres Joby Or Koby Or-
Charlie: TOBY!
Amy: See so when Mommy's taking care of my Toby you can take care of your Toby!
Amy:I'm going to pick up my Toby and give him a hug.
Amy: *BABY VOICE* Well hello little Man ooohh Big hugs Yeah *Hugs Toby* Now give your Toby a big Hug
Charlie: *Hugs Baby Doll*
Amy: Mommy shoots .. She Scores!* Walks Away*

Charlie: Gets up and throws Baby Doll Away. *Runs Away Laughing*

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Background Information

  • The title references to the Broadway Musical "Guys and Dolls"
  • This is the first time Bob and Amy's whole bedroom was shown . In Special Delivery, only the bed was shown.
  • The orginal title for the episode was Dolls and Guys

Production Information

  • This episode was filmed on February 24, 2012


  • Gabe plays a prank on his father, even though in Team Mom he says he is done causing trouble.
  • When Toby is "talking" to Charlie, he says that he can talk only to her, but Amy said that Toby told her that he loves Charlie.
  • Charlie says she likes Toby now, but in  Charlie 4, Toby 1, Charlie makes a comment about disliking Toby.



  • The title may be a reference to the My Babysitter's a vampire episode "Guys and Dolls".
  • The title is also a reference to the Broadway Musical, "Guys and Dolls".
  • Teddy doll bullies PJ at the end.


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