"I've been here for an hour, why are my pants still on?"
-Gravy in Termite Queen

William "Billy" "Gravy" Graves is a laid back worker at Kwikki Chikki. He is good friends with PJ.


Gravy seems lazy and a slob. He leaves his room a mess and doesn't like to wear pants at home. This eventualy drives Amy crazy. ("Termite Queen")

Personal Life

Gravy works at Kwikki Chikki and attended Kwikki Chikki University with PJ, though as Amy had mentioned was a 'Two day chicken college'.The only memory PJ and Gravy together was the time they spent there.



Gravy and PJ attended KCU together and have been college buds ever since.


Amy thinks Gravy is sloppy and messy. He always leaves a mess for Amy to clean (Termite Queen). At first, Gravy thought Amy was PJ's sister. Gravy thinks Amy is hot.


Season 2

Season 4