is the name given to Harry Wentz's beloved car and Teddy Duncan's first car.


Gracie was sold to Teddy after Mary Lou told Harry to sell it, because he spent the whole weekend with Gracie instead of her. After Gracie was sold, Teddy decide to drive home. Teddy stopped in front of a squirrel stuck in gum and got smashed by a garbage truck. Teddy asked her dad if she can get it fixed but he told her it'll cost more then she payed for it. Then Harry came by with a car dust brush, and yelled "Baby!" Later Teddy held a funeral honoring Gracie's life with Harry and her Mechanic Roy crying for her loss.


Harry Wentz

Harry and Gracie had been together for a long time. He loves her so much that he makes anyone who go near her wash their hands. On the night before he slept in the backseat of Gracie. When he went to visit her at the Duncan home, he found her wrecked. Later, he was so sad that he kept saying "Hello" to everybody downstairs. During the funeral while Mary Lou was singing Amazing Gracie he cried with a tissue on his face.

Mary Lou Wentz

Mary Lou always hated the car, thinking her husband loves Gracie more then her. During the funeral she sang Amazing Gracie then told Teddy to say that she's selling CD's of this performance.

Ivy Wentz

Ivy was told since she was 5 to not touch Gracie.

Teddy Duncan

Teddy bought Gracie as her first car but later after the garbage truck smashed Gracie, she asked Bob if they can get it repaired. He replied that it'll cost more then she payed for it. The next day she held a funeral for honoring Gracie's life.

Background information

  • For being Harry's beloved car, Amazing Gracie was the only apperance she made.
  • Teddy thought that Gracie was another woman.
  • it is a Mercury Grand Marquis.

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