How do I keep her from breaking things?
It's easy. Just tell her not to touch them.

— Petunia Blankenhooper, Bob Duncan

The Duncan family visits Amy's parents, the Blankenhoopers. While Bob, PJ, Gabe, and Charlie fly there successfully, Teddy and Amy find several alternate modes of travel. When the boys are enlisted to pick up the girls, they find themselves in a very unusual scenario.


The Duncan family heads out on a holiday trip from their home in Denver to visit Amy's parents, the Blankenhoopers, who live in Palm Springs, California. Teddy and Amy find themselves stranded between both destinations. Among their misadventures, they get kicked off a bus, purchase a clunker Yugo, then hitch a ride from a seemingly-normal older couple who believe themselves victims of alien abduction. Meanwhile, Grandma Blankenhooper is finding it difficult to deal with Bob, then Gabe, then PJ, and sends them to a Time-Out room. When Teddy's and Amy's luggage is stolen in Las Vegas, they end up helping the thief reconcile with her mother. Bob, PJ, and Gabe set out to rescue the girls and end up in a paintball re-enactment of a video game scenario, from which Gabe can save them. The Duncans meet halfway at a diner in the desert to spend their Christmas together, when Amy reveals some news for the family.



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Charlie: Bad Daddy!

Merry Christmas

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Production Information

  • The entire film is filmed on location in Ohio from March to September 2011.


  • Teddy mentions the flight to Palm Springs, California is Charlie's first trip on an airplane. This ignores the flights of "Charlie Shakes It Up!" to Chicago, and "Sun Show, Part One" to Hawaii. It's possible that Teddy just forgot the events in those episodes or the movie takes place before those events happened.
  • At the end, when Petunia states that the star was in the mechanism of the pram/carseat, this seems impossible as Bob hadn't even brought the pram into the room when Charlie threw the star at the start of the movie.
  • While the table in the kitchen may seem gone, it has actually just been moved away from the door. You can see brief glimpses of the edges of it, and the blue chairs, when Charlie runs out of the kitchen.
  • When Teddy and her mom are riding in the car, it starts snowing and when they turn the windshield wipers on, one of them flies away. Then, when it was Morning, the windshield wiper that flew off appears back on the car.
  • The console Gabe was playing was a Nintendo Wii. However, the controller he's using is from V Tech's V.Flash, which is not compatible with any other system. Also, the V.Flash controller is more colorful than the Wii.




Guest Cast

  • E.E. Bell as Lenny.
  • Ernie Grunwald as Walter.
  • David Wells as Stan.
  • Sean Bott as Nerdy Player.
  • Pamela Dunlap as Sue.
  • Big Budah as Bus Driver.
  • Joey Nader as Daryl.
  • Lonzo Liggins as Airplane Passenger.
  • Jeff Olsen as Sheriff.
  • Floyd Westover as Santa Claus.
  • Charan Prabhakar as Dead Player.
  • Nate Davie as Airplane Passenger.
  • Logan Ward as Cowboy Friend.
  • Abbie Cobb as Jordan.
  • Allan Groves as Defeated Player #2.
  • Billy Holden as Cowboy Hat Guy.
  • Jizelle Jade as Restaurant Patron.
  • Ryan Johnson as Shopper/Audience Member.
  • Cathleen Mason as Airplane Passenger.
  • Karen Peterson as Restaurant Patron.
  • Megan Nicole Rees as Shopper/Audience Member.
  • Amy Savannah as Customer.
  • Brenden Whitney as Young Bus Passenger.


"Teddy on Ice"
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