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On this page you can vote for which pictures should be featured each month.

To nominate pictures for upcoming voting, go to the nominations page.

For advice on selecting a picture and how to cast your vote, refer to the Voting Tips page.

To see the pictures that were previously nominated and the full details on the voting for each month, refer to the archive page.

FPM Rules:

  • Do not remove or alter comments by other users.
  • Comments do not count as votes. Only the votes registered in the polls will count.
  • If you are a new nominater or voter, please read the Voting Tips.
  • Six images will be used per month. The top two images will be featured on the main page.
  • When voting on an image, please consider the quality of the picture first and personal taste or opinion second. To see what constitutes as high quality.

For August 2012

        Uploaded by

  1. Jessie1010
  2. Jazatz2
  3. Eeyore7739
  4. Jazatz2

Nominated by


Do not change the poll. This will reset the vote count.
Vote in both polls, but please choose a different picture for each vote.

Select a picture for August 2012. Choice #1.

The poll was created at 18:29 on July 6, 2012, and so far 50 people voted.
Select a picture for August 2012. Choice #2.

The poll was created at 18:29 on July 6, 2012, and so far 47 people voted.


Any comments about the pictures can be listed here. When entering a comment, please make sure you identify which picture the comment is about.

  • leave comment here


Nominations for upcoming votes may be entered here.

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