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Nominate a "Monthly Quote" for each month. Quotes can be from anywhere, whether an episode, game, or an interview. A maximum of eight quotations may be nominated each month.

To nominate a new Monthly Quote, visit the nominations page.

Users may change their own votes at any time, but only one vote per poll will be accepted, so if you change your vote, the poll will only record your most recent selection.

Comments are not counted as a vote. Only votes entered into the poll(s) will be counted.

To see which episode the quote came from, click on the "[source]" inside the quote.

Older quote nominations can be viewed in the Archive.

For May 2012

Nomination # 1 by Jazatz2

"Looking at the photo album
Hey, there's Mom and a handsome guy at the prom
sighs That's Bob Diddlebock.
flips page Oh, where did Mom get that cool sports car from?
That's Bob Diddlebock's. He had two.
Okay then... flips page Hey, any chance you had a boat, called the S.S. Diddlebock? "
-Gabe and Bob Duncan[source]

Nomination # 2 by Jazatz2

" HEY! If Gretel gets hit with a football, there's going to be one less Tyler at this party"
-Ivy Wentz[source]

Select a Monthly Quote for May 2012.

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