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FA Star
We may be featuring articles on our main page more often than once a month, so their new name is Featured Articles.

Here, any user may nominate an article for the status of Featured Article. A Featured Article (or "FA") is a page on the wiki that demonstrates the best of quality and is considered one of the greatest pages the wiki has/will have.

The criteria for an article is as follows:

  1. The article must have excellent prose, devoid of typos and have good grammar.
  2. It must cite its sources.
  3. It must be correctly named.
  4. It must follow all policies, such as naming, Manual of Style, and FAQ.
  5. It cannot have any improvement templates on it.

To reviewers. While voting for an article, please give suggestions of improvements so the article can truly be perfect and of FA status. If you find an article perfect, than you do not have to, but we strongly suggest you give opinions on it's improvements so it can truly be perfect.

To nominate an article simply type the article name in the create box below. Then please give a layout as to why you think the article deserves the title and sign it. To see a layout of setting it up or reviewing it, see this page. Nominations will last for two weeks, unless there are still active improvements occurring. Once the time is up, any user may tally up the votes, see if the consensus is pass or fail, and archive it with the use of {{Nomend}} around the text.

If you see a message that says "ERROR: The article you are attempting to create already exists", then that means someone has already made a nomination under your exact title. Check the Successful and Unsuccessful nominations categories to see what has been nominated previously.

  • If the page is in the Unsuccessful category, make sure the page has been improved since the time of the voting ended before re-nominating it. To re-nominate a page, chose a different title for your nomination (but keep the name of the page inside your nomination the same). Example: Rollercoaster - 2nd nomination
  • If the page is in the Successful category, then please choose a new page to nominate, or better yet, work to improve one of the Unsuccessful pages so that it can be re-nominated.
Current nominations Last Edit Last Author
Featured article nominations/Season 512:33, January 10, 201367.82.103.54
Featured article nominations/Mrs. Dabney12:59, August 22, 201278.150.146.114
Featured article nominations/Toby Duncan19:45, August 21, 2012Fiolet4eva
Featured article nominations/Ivy Wentz14:16, July 29, 201286.182.248.122
Featured article nominations/Charlie Duncan15:37, July 14, 201278.146.135.191

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