Evan is charming teenager who loves Pokeo. Evan is on the school swim team. He is kind, good looking, and attractive although a fan of Pokeo is his flaw making him a little immature.


Teddy Duncan

Teddy had a huge crush on Evan during swim practice and thought he looked good in the swimsuit. Evan would constantly drop Teddy home and once met Gabe and he (Gabe) claimed to have seen him. Nervously Evan leaves and Teddy gets upset. Gabe revealed to Teddy that he saw Evan in a Pokeo event (a spoof of Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh). Gabe teaches Teddy how to play the card game, Gabe says that she is terrible at it until Teddy makes a good decision in the card game .Teddy lies and tells Evan that she is also interested in Pokeo and happily, Evan asks her out and takes her to play L.A.R.P (Live Action Role Play) saying that "it takes it Pokeo to a whole new level.Teddy, after seeing him act childish and immature breaks up with him leaving him devastated. Evan is not seen since.


Lewis is Evan's best friend. He develops a crush on Teddy after Teddy broke up with Evan.