Edgewood Drive is the street the Duncans, Mrs. Dabney and other residents live on as well as the Duncan house being the main setting of the series

Current Residents

Here is a list of the current residents on Edgewood-

  • 358 Edgewood Drive - The Duncan Family
  • 356 Edgewood Drive - The Dabney family
  • 357 or 359 Edgewood Drive - The Dooley Family
  • 357 or 359 Edgewood Drive - The Dixon Family
    • Mr. Dixon - retired Music teacher
    • Tommy Dixon - Presumably grandson, Younger than Gabe

Residents with Unknown Addresses

  • The Dugan Family
    • Bert Dugan - retired mailman, forgetful
  • The Dobbs Family
    • Mrs. Dobbs - widow, possible she moved in Bert
  • Unnamed Residents

Former Residents

Here is a list of residents who formerly lived on Edgewood Drive


  • A gag of the series is all the residents' name begin with "D".
  • The Duncans tried to move once and rebuild their house once.

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