The Duncan house is located in Egdewood Drive, Denver, Colorado. It is the place where almost all of the episodes take place, other than school or P.J.'s Apartment. The house appears , for obvious reasons, in every episode.



Living Room

  • The main room of the house. The Front Door is located here. The family usually hangs out here.


  • The Duncans are usually seen eating or cooking here. Every Morning, the Duncans sit down and eat breakfast together.


  • Located underground. The family usually hangs out here, watches T.V., play video games, etc.Teddy's room is there.

Teddy's Room

  • Located in the Basement. You come in through a sliding door.

Charlie's Room

Amy and Bob's Room

  • Seen only a few times, usually when the parents are sleeping.

Boy's Bedroom

  • This Bedroom was shared by PJ and Gabe at the begining of the series, but later just Gabe's after PJ moved out, then Toby's bedroom when he was finally able to sleep alone, and Gabe moved into the Attic.


  • Only appeared in All Fall Down. After Toby moved into Gabe's room, Gabe got mad and decided to make his own room in the Attic.



  • The family parks their car here, store bikes, etc. There is a door to the kitchen.


  • The Duncans are rarely seen out here, although PJ and Teddy used to always hang out in the Treehouse. Bob & Amy also tried building a playground for Charlie here.


  • Located outside their house by the front door. Even though it's small, many scenes take place here, and Gabe once tired to.


The Duncan house is in a neighborhood, so the family has neighbors. Known neighbors include Mrs. Dabney, Debbie Dooley, Bert, and Mrs. Dobbs.


  • The Duncans moved in before their oldest son, PJ was born.
  • In All Fall Down, the house was eaten by termites. The house was finally repaired in Doppel Date.
  • The address for the exterior shots of the house is 501 Palmetto Drive, Pasadena, California 91105.

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