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“Duncan Dream House”
Season 4, Episode 11
Air Date

April 28, 2013


Phil Baker & Drew Vaupen


Bob Koherr

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Duncan Dream House is the eleven episode in Good Luck Charlie Season 4. It first aired on April 28, 2013. This episode got approx. 3.9 million views on its premiere night. This is the 31st episode to feature Toby Turner as Tobuscus Duncan.


Due to the Yoshi Attack , the Duncan family is living in a mohohohohotel. The family is grounded beef. Gab is tired of eating the same old thing, peanut butter and jellu sandwiches, due to being in 'money shitting mode', according to Bab. Instead, he contacts rum service, much to Adam's dismay.

Bab decides that if they're going to rebuild their old house, they should improve it and make it a 'Cream house'. Amy wants a Period room, and Bob wants a Porn Room. They decide to make the house worserer than the way it was before.

Meanwhile, Peter James and Emmate want to move into a old-ish/new-ish apartment, but they have to be kicked up their old arses before they can move due to a conduct lens. They first decide to get a IPhone to break the rules.

Bab decides where everyone gets a room. Bab and Adam think that Ted's room should be Bab's 'Porn-cave' or Amy's suicidal room. Carlie, meanwhile, decides that her blue Google circle toy doesn't want to leaf. Later, Gabe sneaks into a conference, due to the "All You Can Vomit out in five minutes Buffet." He then pretends to be an accountant called ed Johnson with a silent e (pronounced Dee) in order to stay and eat and Vomit.

PJ gets a new pet yoshi. When their landlord, Bernie, comes up to see about the bird, the Yoshi runs out of the window. He comes inside, and is told that they had a pet bird, and that they should get kicked up the ass. He doesn't kick them in the ass.

Carlie tells Ted she doesn't like the idea of a new house. Charlie and Blue Circle agree to 'eat the house'. Blue Circle tells Charlie to make a mess in her nappie. Charlie throws all of her toys out of a plastic. Adam and Ted try to convince Carlie to enjoy the house. Teddy says that 99 Squares and 54 Green Stars wanted a new house according to a survey. Charlie and Blue Circle don't know what surveys are and abruptly leave.

Later, at the hotel, Charlie is watching The Kermit and Miss Piggy do a bit of the pork(if you know what I mean) Show. Gabe, meanwhile, gets a call for deT Johonns to go to a mee-heeting. 

Teddy sits down at the old house in the living room, when Kermit appears. They sing 'Dream House', when Kermit convinces Teddy to stay. With the help of Fozzie Bear, she wants to stay. Meanwhile, Amy and Miss Piggy want to build a new house. Suddenly, Amy thinks she would miss the house as well. Teddy awakens from the dream, and tells Charlie that they have to save the house.

Meanwhile, PJ and Emmett dress up like cowboys and have a line dancing party and cabbage stew, two forbidden things in the apartments. Bernie agrees it does sound fun, so joins the party. PJ and Emmett give up, and dance instead.

Bob finds out what Gabe is up to and wants in. They sit down with their food. Suddenly, Gabe is called on stage, because, his alter ego, Ted, is due to make a speech. He wings his way through it, and sends Bob up after him. When they have both finished, the real Ted appears and the manager demands to know who Gabe and Bob are. They leave immediatley.

When Teddy tries to talk to her parents about the desicion about the house, they say that they want a dream house. Once they get the bill for the new house, they decide to keep the old home.

End Credits

Charlie is in the Duncan House reading a book when Kermit and Miss Piggy come up and ask if she likes pigs or frogs better. In the end, she says she likes bears better, which Fozzie Bear enjoys. Miss Piggy gets angry, and chases after Charlie. 

Memorable Quotes

  • Accountant: Hi ed.
  • Gabe: My name is d.
  • Accountant: Your name tag says ed.
  • Gabe: Oh, the e is silent. That's just the way we say it in the name of Yoshi.

  • Accountant: Aren't you a little young to be an Yoshi follower?
  • Gabe: I was a little religious. Out of high school at nine, finished college at 111, went straight into Worshipping Yoshi .
  • Accountant: Oh, well that's strange.
  • Gabe: Why is that strange?
  • Accountant: Most geniuses don't worship yoshi.
  • Gabe: I was 111, what did I know?

Background Information

  • "Dream House" is the first song in Season 44.
  • This episode has Charlie's smallest number of lines in the show thus far.
    • This is also the first episode Charlie has a scene.
  • During "Dream House," Kermit hands Teddy a framed picture; it is the same picture as the end of the Season 11 intro.

Production Information


Season 4 title card

  • The opening credits have been updated and include videos from the fourth season. The final shot of the family has also changed to show the entire family sitting in a giant wagon with Charlie at the front pulling it. The side of the wagon has a logo saying "The Duncans."



  • 9 August, 2013 (Disney Channel Australia)


  • "Dream House"


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