Dream House
Song by The Muppets, Teddy, & Amy
Album: NONE
Venue: Duncan Dream House
Current: Dream House (song)

This song was performed by The Muppets, Teddy, and Amy in (Duncan Dream House)


Kermit: If you could build your dream house
What kind of house would it be?
Would it have 13 master bedrooms
And a pine-panelled library?
Would it have a home theater and an indoor pool?

Teddy: Um, yeah, that sounds pretty cool.

Kermit: But would it bring back childhood memories?
Would it feel like home to the Duncan family?
Seems to me the answer is quite clear
This is your dream house right here!

Just look at this place
What's not to love?
You've got a floor at your feet
And the stars up above
Oh Teddy
This is your dream house
This is your dream house

It's where you grew up
It's where you'd live now
If only it hadn't
Become termite chow!
This is your dream house

Teddy: This is my dream house?

Fozzy: It's what they call a
But soon it'll be good as new
Thanks to our top-notch construction crew

(Animal yells while the chickens hop on jackhammers.)

Teddy: I've got to admit
That it would be weird
To build a new house and
Have this one just disappear
Maybe this is my dream house
Right here

Amy & Miss Piggy: Right here

Teddy: Miss Piggy? Mom! What are you doing here?

Amy: We couldn't help but overhear

Miss Piggy: And you can't do a musical number without moi!

Amy: Or moi!

Miss Piggy: She'd really prefer
A house twice as big

Amy: I have to say I
Agree with the pig
Oh Teddy

Both: I want my dream house

Teddy: That frog and that bear
They do have a point
This old house of ours is
A pretty sweet joint
Maybe this is our dream house

Teddy, Fozzie, & Kermit: Who needs a spa or a supersized closet
Or new counters made out of marble composite
A four-car garage a jacuzzi a deck
Programmable lighting that's super high tech
A green house a game room
A guest suite or two
That's not what's important to me and to you

Miss Piggy: Speak for youself!

Amy: You know, Miss Piggy, I got to admit, I really would miss this place...

Miss Piggy: GAH! Whatever. Let's wrap this up.

All: This place may be falling
Apart at the seams but
This is our home and
This is the house of our dreams

(Teddy and Amy hold out the note)

Muppets: Dream house
Dream house

All: The house of our dreams!

Teddy: Dreams...

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