Deborah "Deedee" Dooley is a four-year old child who happens to be best friends with Charlie Duncan. She moved near the Duncans, Dabneys, and Mr. Dixon from Iowa. She is a member of a very rich family. Her parents supervise her with a Nanny Cam. She went with Charlie, Teddy, and Ivy to Make a Monkey. She is the older sister of Dexter Dooley

Physical Appearance

Deedee has blonde hair, with just a little brown, and is 2'11". Like Charlie she is four-years old and was born in June.


Teddy Duncan and Ivy Wentz

Teddy Duncan and Ivy Wentz have babysat her at least twice. she went with her best friend, Charlie Duncan.

Deedee and Charlie

Deedee and Charlie in Charlie 4, Toby 1

Charlie Duncan

Charlie is Deedee's best friend.


Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

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