Deborah Reynolds "Debbie" Dooley is the mother of Deedee Dooley and Dexter Dooley . She is also the wife of Doug Dooley. She moved near the Duncans, Dabney's, and Mr. Dixon from Iowa. She speaks with a strong Upper Midwestern accent, which annoys Amy, with whom she is very competitive.


Deedee Dooley

She and her husband are protective of their daughter, Deedee. They installed a Nanny Cam in the house to check up on her, Charlie Duncan, and babysitters Teddy Duncan and Ivy Wentz.

Amy Duncan

Debbie is Amy's neighbor. She is Debbie's workout buddy after Teddy needs to get back in Dooley's house after she lost Debbie's diamond earrings in one of the monkeys Teddy and Ivy made at Make a Monkey for Deedee and Charlie. Amy finds Debbie's voice to be very annoying, and only invited her to her baby shower because she makes great snicker-doodles. (Monkey Business, Amy Needs a Shower) But lately both Amy and Debbie are shown to be competitive when they tried to outdo each other with their daugther's birthday (Charlie 4, Toby 1) with Debbie winning by bring an baby elephant to school.

Teddy Duncan

Debbie thought it was nice that Teddy is babysitting Deedee. She saw Teddy replace Deedee's monkey with a roll of bathroom towels and cut the monkey open with a toy surgical knife. It was never shown or mentioned if she found out Teddy lost her earrings.

Gabe Duncan

Debbie thought Gabe was a dog because Mrs. Dabney told Debbie that Gabe bit Mrs. Dabney and went to the bathroom on her lawn.

Series Involvement 

Debbie Dooley's first appearance was in the Season 2 episode Monkey Business. In the episode, she and her family move in to the Duncan's neighborhood. She and Amy begin to have a good friendship. She allows Amy's daughter Teddy to babysit her daughter Deedee. Amy and Debbie's friendship remains okay until she and Amy watch Teddy and Ivy on Nanny Cam and see Teddy tearing up the monkey Deedee made at Make-a-Monkey. In Amy Needs a Shower, Debbie is invited to Amy's baby shower and she stays until Charlie tells Debbie and the others what Amy says about them. In All Fall Down, Debbie introduces Amy to her mommy blog, which leads Amy to create a blog of her own. In Rock Enroll, Teddy invites her neighbors to see what they have in common and to learn more about each other. In The Unusual Suspects, Amy and Debbie argue over which one of them taught Charlie and Deedee to talk rudly to their parents. In the end, they become friends again when they learn Mrs. Dabney taught them to say those things. In Charlie 4, Toby 1, Debbie and Amy compete with birthday parties for their children.


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