Mrs. Dabney with lauren

The Dabneys are next door neighbors to the Duncan family. Like all the other family's that live on their street they have a D as the first letter in their last name. Mrs. Dabney lived with her husband before he moved out and got

Mrs Dabney holding her cat Kaboodle.

divorced (It's a Charlie Duncan Thanksgiving). Their son, Rodney, moved out when he grew up.

There was a picture of Rodney, and he was black. So Mr Dabney must have been black, or they could have adopted him.

Their are currently 5 family members:

  1. Mrs. Dabney
  2. Kaboodle
  3. Mr. Dabney
  4. Rodney Dabney
  5. Lauren Dabney

Family tree

VirginiaOther SisterOther SisterOther Sister
Estelle Dabney
Mr. Dabney
Rodney Dabney
Lauren Dabney

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