Amy goes overboard for Charlie's birthday after discovering Deedee Dooley's birthday is being celebrated the same day. Teddy answers the phone at Bobs Bugs Be Gone and helps Beau break up with his girlfriend back in his hometown who seems to still have feeling for him. Gabe gets sent home from school from accidentally getting into a fight and becomes the new tough guy at school.

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This episode is due to premiere on Disney Channel US on July 14th 2013. It is going to be the eighth episode in the fourth season and the eighty fifth episode from the series.

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  • Charlie is now 4 and Toby is now 1.
  • This episode got 2.9 million viewers on its premiere night.
  • This is the second time an Idea, which was said to be a bad idea, turns out to be a good idea, the first from Charlie is 2!.
  • This is the 2nd appearance of Beau Landry.
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